Training overview

Advanced Studies & Teacher Mentoring

Training overview

Deepen your practice, enrich your yoga journey, fill your well, and ignite your inspiration. Our advanced program is an invitation to be curious about all that makes us human. Study, examine, and experience the intelligence and complexity of our physical, emotional, mental, pranic, and energy body.
Our skilled, experienced, and passionate faculty bring their unique perspectives and expertise to our program in diverse and integrated ways. We believe learning is richest when offered through multiple lenses and learning modalities. You will hear – see – do – teach – reflect, making this program highly experiential. Dedicated studentship, a curious mind, an open heart and self-inquiry that is courageous and loving are key components to success in our program. We welcome you to embark on this path with us!


Successful completion of our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, coupled with your existing RYS-200-hour certificate earns you a 500-hour teaching designation.

Key Topics Covered

Asana Technique & Practice: Explore the various modalities of yoga including Alignment-based Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Flow Yoga, Natural Movement, Functional Movement, Bandhas, Pranayama, and Kriya.
Teaching Methodology: Learn methods of cuing, sequencing, themes, adjusting, classroom management, voice training and cultivating presence. You will have the opportunity to peer teach and receive feedback in order to cultivate your greatest gifts in the seat of the teacher.
Anatomy & Biomechanics: How does yoga “work”? Specific seminars offer a detailed view to understanding your feet, knees, ankles, hips, pelvis, spine, shoulders, arms, neck and nervous system. Learn to teach with attention to therapeutic needs and uniqueness of individual students.
Mentorship: Having a teaching mentor is an integral part of your development as a yoga teacher. Regardless of how long you’ve been teaching, it’s valuable to draw on the experience and support of mentors from whom you can learn and grow. Our mentorship program will help you feel more inspired, expand your knowledge of yoga, define and refine what it is that truly lights you up about teaching yoga. Our unique Mentorship Program can be taken before, during or after the main part of the training. Learn more here: Mentorship Program
Philosophy, Meditation & Mantra: Explorations from lineages including Tantra, Classical Yoga, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies are offered to gain depth and appreciation for this vast field of wisdom.
Self-development, Conscious Communication & Relationship: The way we communicate is powerful. How we express, or repress, our feelings has huge impact on ourselves and in our relationships, and also shapes the world we live in. Learn how to share your truth, know your boundaries, ask for what you need, and hold loving space for others.
Subtle Anatomy: The subtle body is a map to explore where you may be holding unconscious energy patterns in your body. Through study of chakras, sheaths, nadis, brainwave states, organ systems, and energetic maintenance, you will receive insights to gain greater freedom in your body, breath, mind, heart and soul.
Special Topics: Guest faculty will offer weekend workshops on enriching topics in innovative fields of study.


A passion for yoga, an open mind and willingness to challenge yourself are all that you need. This program is highly experiential. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing outside of your comfort zone. Be prepared to be bigger and brighter than you think you are!
Prerequisites: Completion of a 200-hour teacher training. We welcome yoga teachers who currently teach or have taught and are looking for new inspiration. Newer teachers seeking more guidance on their path are also very welcome.
Time Commitment: This program is designed to be both intensive and spacious. The weekend modules are concentrated times for group learning. Homework and class observation assignments will be given between sessions to help you integrate your learning.
Love for learning: This course is for you if you are an experiential learner who is willing to question limiting beliefs, challenge your comfort zones and examine your life through the loving lens of curiosity.
Certification: If you complete both your 200-hour and 300-hour programs with Inspired Yoga Institute, you will be awarded a 500-hour Advanced Teaching Certificate. If you earn your 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Inspired, and have a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered certificate from another yoga school, you will be eligible for the RYT-500 designation through Yoga Alliance International.


We are a Yoga Alliance certified school that is recognized world-wide. Our programs help you to create a teaching tool belt that bolsters your authentic teaching ability so that you can shine, be creative and market your skills. Partnered with several yoga studios in and around Calgary, you will gain lots of exposure to the rich yoga community.
We are an Established Yoga School: We are Yoga Alliance certified and have been offering programs since 2008. In addition, our faculty have also hosted and taught in numerous other teacher training and mentoring programs.
Expert Faculty: We love our teachers! They are highly trained, passionate, and most importantly – amazing people to learn from. Your teaching team consists of at least one certified teacher at the ERYT-500 level and all our lead faculty are certified at a minimum of ERYT-200 Level.
We Tune In: Every training is unique because every group has its own energy. We are always listening, reflecting and responding to the individual evolution and needs of each group.
We Celebrate Individuality: We acknowledge and respect that each person comes with their own areas of interest and we work together to nourish your passion.
Community & Collaboration: We are partnered with yoga studios and local businesses that you will be connected to within the community!
We stay Current: Our course material is constantly being updated and we continue to study and expand our own knowledge base. We are not satisfied with the status quo and do not expect you to be either!

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Tuition includes a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Manual, handouts, online resources, ongoing mentorship throughout the training.

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