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Join us July 6-31, 2020!

Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM

Location: Journey yoga, Calgary, AB

Lead Faculty: Nora Maskey

Training overview

Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice?  Are you curious about the mysteries of why yoga works? What is your passion for yoga, and what is it you wish to share with others? Our summer intensive teacher training program will fuel your love for the practice and give you the tools to teach what you love.
Embarking on a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a transformative program where you will you will gain a broad understanding of these time-honored practices. Dive into the living traditions of yoga and explore how ancient wisdom remains relevant in our modern-day life. There will be many explorations about the physical asanas of course, and, you will also gain understanding about other layers of your being including the energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There will be ample opportunity to explore the art and science of yoga through the lens of your own practice, and from the lens of being a skillful yoga teacher. Most valuable of all, this program of self discovery is an invitation to dive into the depths of who you are.  You will leave this program having learned more about yourself and will gain tools on finding greater inner peace, love and freedom.
In our immersive summer program, you will hit the ground running! This condensed format integrates study, practice and teaching right from day one. Following a time-tested education formula, you will “see, do and teach” each day. All of the topics and practices of our Year Long program are blended to provide you with a rich and integrated experience.


We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance International. If you are a certified teacher, all of our offerings are eligible for Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance.

Key Topics Covered

By combining both theory and practical modules, you will be equipped with the best available tools and techniques. Our programs include regular asana practice, posture clinics, meditation, philosophy, teaching methodology and practice teaching. We cover all the topics of our year-long program in an integrative format. Key topics include:

Philosophy for the Modern Day Yogi:Learn more about this 5000-year-old practice and the ancient teachings that remain relevant in our modern-day context. Explore yoga through the lenses of Classical philosophy, Tantra philosophy, Jnana (knowledge), Raja (meditation), Karma (right action) and Bhakti (devotion). Read More
Classical Yoga of Patanjali:The Sutras of Patanjali is a foundational text that can be equated to the psychology of yoga. The text is written in short, terse statements that are designed to be unpacked as a community through discussion and inquiry. Read More
Anatomy & Biomechanics:Anatomy & Biomechanics comes alive through interactive learning and active exploration. Key concepts include the musculoskeletal system,  connective tissue, joints, respiratory and nervous systems, and the anatomy of the spine, head, neck, shoulders, upper limbs, pelvis, and lower limbs. Read More
Bhagavad Gita: Living Yoga:This is one of yoga’s most beloved texts that is a metaphor for life. It is a timeless story about a warrior prince, Arjuna, who faces a big life dilemma – whether or not to fight in a battle between different branches of his family. Read More
Subtle Anatomy: The Energy Body: Ancient Yogis mapped out the human body in a way that goes beyond what we can perceive with our five senses. Learn about the 5 bodies that play an important role to understanding the energy body. Read More
Teaching Skills 1: Observation & Language. Discover the power of your voice. Develop cues that are directive, clear and potent. Become skillful at observing your students so you can teach to individuals as well as the needs of the class. Read More
Teaching Skills 2: Adjustments & Demonstrations. Learn how to offer verbal adjustments, physical adjustments and therapeutic touch that leave your students feeling great in their practice. Read More
Teaching Skills 3: Sequencing Classes. Know how to sequence creatively with safety in mind. Learn how to teach beginner and mixed level classes, different sequencing styles such as flow and alignment based hatha yoga and how to incorporate key alignment principles. Read More
Teaching Skills 4: Inspiring Themes & Program Planning. Develop a collection of inspiring themes to weave into your classes. Learn how to weave a theme seamlessly through the poses, movements, music, words, sequence, and alignment focus. Read More
Teaching Skills 5: Teaching Practicum: This weekend is the culmination of the program and a time to bring everything together and celebrate each other’s unique gifts! You will have the opportunity to teach one full class and receive feedback from your peers and teacher.

Is this course for me

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If you are a curious yogi, then the short answer is YES! Our  program is for anyone who feels a calling to embark on a journey as a yogi. This program covers the foundations of philosophy and methodology while inviting you to dive deeper into the world of yoga as a practitioner and teacher.
Love for learning: This course is for you if you are an experiential learner who is  willing to question limiting beliefs, challenge your comfort zones and examine your life through the loving lens of curiosity.
Prerequisites: A passion for yoga, an open mind and willingness to challenge yourself are all that you need. We welcome all lovers of yoga, whether or not you have the desire to teach (though you may surprise yourself!).
Existing teachers: Many teachers (ourselves included!) end up taking at least two 200-hour teacher trainings. It is so worthwhile to revisit subject matter after already having explored it, and/or there will be subjects you didn’t explore in your first training.
Time Commitment:
Summer Intensive: Designed for those who want an immersive experience, you can expect rich and full days. We will gather from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday to Friday over four consecutive weeks. There will be homework and class observation assignments to complete outside of classroom hours. We recommend clearing your calendar so that you can dive deeply into this intensive program during the week and rest on the weekends!

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Why Study With Us?

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We are a Yoga Alliance certified school that is recognized worldwide. Our programs help you to create a teaching tool belt that bolsters your authentic teaching ability so that you can shine, be creative and market your skills. Partnered with several yoga studios around the city, you will gain lots of exposure to the rich and diverse local yoga community.
We are an Established Yoga School: We are Yoga Alliance certified and have offered over 15 Yoga Teacher Trainings as a school in addition to our faculty hosting many other teacher training and mentorship programs.
Expert Faculty: We love our teachers! They are highly trained, passionate, and most importantly – amazing people to learn from. Your teaching team consists of at least one certified teacher at the ERYT-500 level and all our lead faculty are certified at a minimum of RYT500 / ERYT-200 Level. In fact, each faculty member has thousands of hours of training and teaching experience.
Celebrating Individuality: We acknowledge and respect that each person comes with their own areas of interest and we work together to nourish your passion. Rather than build up a branded “style” of yoga that is stiff and robotic, our mission is to help you to shine in a way that feels authentic for you.
We Tune In: Every training is unique because every group has its own energy. We are always listening, reflecting and responding to the individual evolution and needs of each group.
Community & Collaboration: We are partnered with yoga studios and local businesses that you will be connected to within the community!
We stay current: Our course material is always being updated and we continue to study and expand our own knowledge base. We are not satisfied with the status quo and do not expect you to be either!

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