Discover some of the responses from our students who joined our trainings!


I am feeling so blessed today to be apart of such a beautiful training.  You have created something really amazing and it’s changing lives and will continue to change lives as it lives through each one of us in the training. I love and appreciate you so much.

300HR YTT Grad, 2016

I’ve had the privilege and honour to study with Nora and Alice through the 200 and 300 YTT programs ‘back-to-back’ over the past 18 months. Originally, my objectives were to deepen my asana practice and learn a bit about the history and philosophy of yoga. To summarize, it has been a vast journey in personal growth alongside development of all aspects of my yoga practice. My capacity for life has swelled, in understanding others’ perspectives, joys and pain, as well as understanding and accepting my own. I know myself much more authentically; not only the physical awareness of muscles, joints and movement but also the subtle wisdom of my body, emotional and mental awareness. I now know a well of contentment, and can draw on a steady, stable stillness through what were previously stormy situations. I attribute these to the teacher training, through readings, discussion and subtle encouragement from Nora and Alice simply to seek and be open to the findings. Alice and Nora are two incredibly warm, welcoming, inspiring women, relentless in their pursuits to grow as teachers, as yoginis and and as human beings. The sense of support, belonging and community fostered by the two of them is authentic and really brings the group of students along together as a cohort.

-Dawn Zetner, 200HR & 300HR Grad

If Anyone in the Calgary region is looking to participate in a Yoga Training, I FULLY recommend this one. Nora Maskey & Alice Hong team up to bring such a special offering of philosophy, embodiment, alignment, and HEART! I had the opportunity to complete my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with these two incredible teachers, and what a life enhancing journey it was. Please pass this on if you know anyone interested. This is a commitment to the Self worth journeying with.

-Kylee Dawn, 200YTT Grad, 2015

When I saw the flyer up at Sanguine Yoga for Alice Hong and Nora Maskey’s “For the Love of Yoga” 200 hr teacher training, I knew something felt really right. I had been practicing at the studio for a number of months, and as a whole for over 10 years. Alice and Nora are extremely gifted teachers and their passion really shines through in their teacher training and in everything they bring. I was gifted with a wealth of knowledge, amazing student-mates, and a warm welcome every day that I got to learn, meditate, and practice. Literally, life changing. From philosophy and the foundations of yoga and class planning and teaching skills, to the intricacies of yoga anatomy and the sanskrit language, there was always something profound that I was absorbing on the daily. I would recommend Alice and Nora’s training to anyone looking to dive into a 30 day intensive whether with intentions to teach, or just deepen your practice. Trust that with skilled, passionate, beautiful teachers you will begin to open up a whole different world of yoga.

-Vicky K. 2014, 200HR YTT Grad

Nora’s knowledge of yoga is rich and expansive. Her ability to deliver complex information with clarity and enthusiasm made the learning enjoyable and provided many opportunities for understanding and practical applications.

200HR YTT Grad, 2016

If anyone is considering this program be prepared for a Life changing experience of increased strength, balance and flexibility of body, mind and soul.

200HR YTT Grad, 2016

This is not just yoga teacher training and there is so much more in the experience than learning to be a yoga teacher. It’s a deep dive in self study, much more personal than I would have guessed.

200HR YTT Grad, 2016

I came to Inspired Yoga Institute after having already completed a 200 hr teacher training program, I felt I needed more than what I had to be able to teach. Nora and Alice supported me in finding my voice, they invested in me and my success. Using their multilayered program of movement, anatomy, subtle anatomy, mantra, myth and philosophy they guided me to discover my unique passion and gave me the tools to develop my personal practice that I can now confidently share and teach to others. These amazing women use the practices of yoga to shine light into your heart so that you can see the beauty of what is there. The experiences and learning that I received have not only given me the courage to teach but have transformed my life: I have closer personal relationships, I respond differently to conflicts that arise in my life and I walk with a little less fear everyday. I am truly grateful for the time I spent at IYI. Thank you Nora and Alice.

200HR YTT Grad, 2016

I feel that I have increased my Emotional Intelligence and live more mindfully. This course was a profound journey of self discovery.

200HR YTT Grad, 2016

If anyone is thinking of diving deeper into their own yoga practice – I highly recommend Inspired Yoga Institute with Nora Maskey & Alice Hong. The love, compassion, nurturing and richness that these beautiful Souls bring to their teaching is priceless.

Arianne Moore, 200YTT Grad, 2016

I loved the way you structured the program, a beautiful mix of body anatomy, subtle anatomy, chakras and different workshops.

200YTT Grad, 2015

100%. In depth knowledge of gross and subtle anatomy. I would also add that you definitely feel more connected to Self.

200YTT Grad, 2016

Alice, Your ability to teach from a place of truth is what is most intriguing and beautiful.

300HR YTT Grad, 2016

What I appreciated the most about your training was the way you both took the journey “with” us. You were our guides but you were also fully invested in the experience for all that it offered. You empowered us to bring our gifts and supported us in sharing them with our sisters (you included). You led us but you also allowed each of us to take the lead. You created a safe space for us to grow and to see that we each brought something very special and unique to our circle. You brought yourselves (fully) to our circle and allowed us to see you so that we could see ourselves. You are truly gifted teachers and complement each other in the most perfect way.

300 HR YTT Grad, 2016

I would absolutely recommend IYI to everyone!! It was an enriching and embodied TT that deepened my understanding and curiosity for yoga. It’s school for the soul. The facilitators were genuine and knowledgeable. I got a real sense for community and empowerment.

200YTT Grad, 2015

Nora’s passion for anatomy was contagious. I was thoroughly engaged and curious.

200HR YTT Grad, 2016

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