Dave Boudreau

As far back as he can remember, Dave has intuitively known that there had to be “something more” to life than what he was seeing and experiencing in the world around him. What he felt, thought and experienced on the inside were very different from what he was taught or shown on the outside.

This changed when he “found” yoga back in summer of 2000, when he moved in and became a resident of Kripalu Yoga Center, in Lenox Massachusetts. He spent the next five years immersed in learning, practicing, and living the practice. It was during this time that he took over 1,000 hours of yoga and meditation trainings in both Kripalu yoga and Svaroopa® yoga.

It was also during his time at Kripalu that he began to see and experience, for himself and others, the direct and lasting benefits of practices that specialize in opening and releasing bodily tensions, quieting overactive minds, and eating a health promoting diet.

When we follow this lifestyle, we increasingly live more fully in the qualities of our true and essential nature – Complete Contentment, Deep Peace, and Boundless Joy. The profound results Dave has experienced, combined with the reliability of these ancient practices, continues to inspire him to practice, teach and share them with others.

David is a certified Svaroopa® yoga teacher 500 hours, Kripalu yoga teacher 200 hours, Embodyment® yoga therapist, and certified Master Yoga Meditation Teacher.

At Inspired Yoga Institute, David teaches meditation  in our 200-hour Teahcer Training

I had the opportunity to complete my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with these two incredible teachers, and what a life enhancing journey it was. Please pass this on if you know anyone interested. This is a commitment to the Self worth journeying with.

Kylee Dawn

200YTT Grad, 2015

I am feeling so blessed today to be apart of such a beautiful training. You have created something really amazing and it's changing lives and will continue to change lives as it lives through each one of us in the training. I love and appreciate you so much.

Lisa Irving

+300 Grad, 2016

If anyone is thinking of diving deeper into their own yoga practice by taking the 200 hour teacher training- I highly recommend Inspired Yoga Institute with Nora Maskey & Alice Hong. The love, compassion, nurturing and richness that these beautiful Souls bring to their teaching is priceless.

Arianne Moore

200YTT Grad, 2016
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