Yoga and movement science

January 11 – March 4, 2020


• You are a certified yoga teacher or movement specialist looking for effective ways to support your clients.
• You are curious about the “why” behind some common alignment cues in yoga.
• You sense that something isn’t quite right about some of the cues we have been taught in yoga.
• You want to feel more confident in how to effectively guide your clients so that they feel supported by your teaching.
• You are interested in busting myths about some of the yoga poses we teach.
• You are curious about how the science of biomechanics can help you and your clients on the mat.
• Your clients come to you because they are frustrated and curious about how to elevate their practices.
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With Nora Maskey

January 11-March 4, 2020

8 Wednesdays 5:15-8:30 PM

2 Saturdays: January 11 & February 29, 9:00-5:00 PM

Location: Calgary AB

Each weekly Wednesday session includes a 90-minute Asana Lab where you will either adjust, observe or practice. Debriefing sessions will include advanced teaching skills and workshop topics. We will  gather on the Saturday, January 11 to discuss your curiosities and goals and again on Saturday, February 29 to recap and integrate what we have learned.


This 8-week mentoring program dives into the world of modern postural yoga from the perspective of how we, as humans, move (or not) and how to be a better mover on the yoga mat and off.
As a yoga and movement professional, this program will provide you with the tools you need to teach your clients to adapt yoga poses so that they feel strong, supple and capable in their bodies as they move and explore on the yoga mat and in their lives.
You will learn what to look for in basic yoga postures commonly taught in a yoga classes and develop an understanding of how to adapt poses for your clients with good mechanics and that addresses their movement blind spots and builds on what they are doing well.
Essential skills we will explore:
• Movement Science: What we know now that supports asana practice
• Alignment: when it matters and when it doesn’t
• Teaching people not poses: what does this mean for you?
• Creativity: teach “out of the box” from your passion and growing edge
• Teaching practice: Reflection & feedback
Who is this program for?
• experienced teachers in search of fresh inspiration and ready to rise to the next level
• new teachers wanting a “stepping stone” with more support and practice teaching
• facilitators of any modality looking to incorporate movement science into their teaching
• seasoned yogis wanting to deepen their practice with effective tools
Leave with:
• greater confidence in teaching & coaching
• practical tools to use in your classes or private sessions
• clarity on how to help your clients move better and feel better
• community of supportive peers to grow with
Prerequisite: 200-hour YTT or a dedicated practice (individual cases considered).
Homework Assignments:
• Prior to first session, complete needs and wants assessment
• Read “The Debunking Handbook” and write a one page (250 word) essay on one yoga myth that you would like to debunk and any challenges that may have presented you in your efforts to debunk that myth.
• Weekly Teaching Homework: Either in a class or with a friend, teach one person a pose from the perspective of the what you have learned. What worked? What didn’t? Why? Be prepared to discuss in class.
Certification Requirements:
• Attendance at 2 Saturday & 8 weeknight sessions
• Completion of homework assignments
• Participation in group discussions
• Participation in co-teaching sessions
• Observation of 1 class over the 8 weeks
• Assisting and Adjusting 1 class over the 8 weeks
• Participation in 6 classes over the 8 weeks


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