Follow your curiosity, explore techniques and fuel your passion for teaching yoga.


8 Weeks • Thursdays 5:15-8:30PM

4 Saturdays • 9AM-4PM

With Alice Hong, Nora Maskey & Erin Macaig

@ Journey Yoga, Calgary, AB

65-Hour Program

55 Continuing Education Credit Hours with Yoga Alliance

Having a mentor is an integral part of your development as a yoga teacher. Whether you have been teaching for years or are just getting started, it’s valuable to draw on the experience and support of mentors from whom you can learn and grow. Our unique mentorship program will help you feel more inspired as you explore, define and refine what it is that truly lights you up about teaching yoga.
This 65-hour program consists of 8 weeknight workshops. Each gathering will include an asana practice that is open to the public. Afterwards, mentorship participants will stay for discussion and inquiry. We will explore yoga through the practices of asana, posture clinics, pranayama, meditation, Classical and Tantric philosophy, and personal reflection.
In addition to participating in the 8-weekly sessions, we will connect on 4 separate Saturdays that will include a seminar on a particular aspect of the art of teaching yoga as well as time for peer teaching and group discussion.
To make sure that we explore what is most important to you, you will be partnered with one of Inspired Yoga Institute’s senior faculty. Your faculty mentor will connect with you through Zoom or FaceTime to explore your unique interests and ideas to help you move forward on your path in ways that inspires your growth as a yoga teacher.

What to Expect

You will receive coaching from one of our senior faculty members as well as peer support. Each week you will have the opportunity to either practice, assist or observe a yoga class. Each weekly class is followed by a group discussion where you will have opportunities to ask questions and offer reflections on all aspects of the teaching experience.

Key Topics Covered

Each week we will focus on a key subject area and integrates multiple facets of well-rounded yoga teaching. Our explorations will be embodied through asana practice, group discussion and personal inquiry. Topics include:

Weekly Group Practice:
Each week, one of our senior faculty members will lead a 90-minute practice that is open to the public so that you have the opportunity to practice, observe and assist in a realist learning environment.
We learn by watching. You will have the opportunity to observe one or more classes through the lens of the art and science of teaching as well as strategies and techniques that are relevant to your growing edge as a teacher.
Assisting & Adjusting:
You will work with the senior teacher to offer assistance and adjustments during one or more of the classes within the mentorship program.
See one, do one teach one. This is an effective way to learn and grow. Each Saturday that we gather, ample time is set aside for you to practice your teaching skills with your peers and receive supportive feedback. This is a great time to explore your interests and growing edge as a teacher.
Selected Topics in Teaching:
Each of the four Saturdays in the program, we will focus on an aspect of teaching skills that will provide you with some effective tools for your teaching tool belt. We will explore sequencing, adjusting, effective language and cues, and more!
Detailed Questionnaire:
We want to know what your dreams and frustrations are when it comes to your teaching journey. To that end, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire so we can get to know you and support you the best way possible.
One-to-One Mentoring:
We want to support you as the unique teacher you are! Both at the beginning and end of the program, you will meet online with your Inspired mentor to discuss your desires and growing edge as a yoga teacher.
Weekly Accountability Check-in:
We grow faster when we put our thoughts into words and our words into action! Each week during the program, you will send an email to your mentor to update the actions you have taken to progress towards your teaching goals.

Is this course for me?

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If you are a curious, open-minded yogi with a passion for yoga, our mentorship program will nourish you on many levels.
Forever Student and Lover of Yoga: You love yoga and want to understand more about your practice and yourself.
Your Best Self: You want to share your love of yoga and feel stuck on how to do that in a way that feels authentic and supportive.
You Want More: Every training is different, and there is a good chance you didn’t get to cover everything you wanted to learn in just one training course. Revisiting topics you are familiar with is invaluable as you come in with a different perspective each time.

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Why Study With Us?

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We are an Established Yoga School: We are Yoga Alliance certified at the 200, 300, and Continuing Education levels.
Expert Faculty: We love our teachers! They are highly trained, passionate, and most importantly, amazing people to learn from. Your mentoring team consists of at least one certified teacher at the ERYT-500 level and all our lead faculty are certified at a minimum of ERYT-200 Level. To be an ERYT, you need at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience.
We Tune In: That’s the point of mentorship! We are always listening, reflecting and responding to you as an individual as well as to the needs of each group.
We stay current: As IYI faculty members, we continue to study and expand our knowledge base. We are not satisfied with the status quo and do not expect you to be either!

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