Inspired to Reflect

Inspired to Reflect

As we near the end of 2018, many of us are called to reflect on our past year and plan for the one to come.


Positivity and creativity are driving forces as we work on our dreams and ourselves. Recently, Inspired Yoga Institute came upon a challenge of the technical sort. With our online office, including emails out of service we sought out creative ways to adapt until the problem was resolved. We worked hard to rectify the issues behind the scenes and it took six days in total to get almost all our data restored.


If you did email us between December 5 and 11, we did not receive your message. We would love to connect with you, please re-send your message :).


All in all, this was a wonderful opportunity for all of us at IYI to reflect on our reactions and feelings toward this situation as well as other challenges we face. It was a time to assess our abundance, our luxuries and our abilities to adapt to change! Now that we are on the other side of the challenge, we have gained some perspective, and some wisdom.


Now that 2019 is also nearing its completion, perhaps you have gained some perspective on the events of your year.

  • When did you find yourself in a situation that was overwhelming and stressful?
  • Did you react from love, or fear?
  • Did you panic or enter in to the situation with a clear mind?
  • Did you practice affirmations of self-love or self-doubt?


Moving into the new year with new possibilities, how will you react when life’s inevitable curve balls come your way?

  • What are some self-love and self-acceptance practices you can channel to support you in these times?
  • What positive steps do you have planned to launch your dreams forward and propel you into a new and exciting space?


We would love to hear your reflections of 2018 and goals for 2019 with us on social media. (Facebook and Instagram links here).

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