How to move from tension to ease



You are how you move. What does this statement mean to you?
~ Do you experience regular aches and pains from your body being hunched in front of a computer?
~ Do you sit in chairs most of your day?
~ Does your work or recreation activity require you to repeat the same movement again and again and again?
Critical Alignment Therapy can address all of these scenarios and help you move and fell better!

With Nora Maskey


8 Sunday Zoom Calls at 11:00 AM MDT

This program offers a sequential step-by-step exploration of the Critical Alignment practices using the soft props, and includes information about the  principles behind of CAT along with guidance for practicing and teaching CAT on its own or as part of any holistic movement and wellness modality. You will receive detailed instruction into how adapt the practices to what is present in the moment so that you can help yourself or your clients address movement compensations and find more ease.


Spinal Strip – a dense and resilient foam strip used to create release through the thoracic spine, and improve alignment and stability throughout the spine. This prop is a must-have for Critical Alignment.

Felt Pad – rectangular in shape that is rolled up from either the long edge or short edge. The felt pad is used to gently and progressively create release through the spine for better alignment and stability. The felt pad is about 24” X 16” and about 1/2” thick. If you don’t have access to a felt pad, a
firm blanket or bath towel could be used instead.

Shoulder Stand Block – made of chip foam or memory foam, approximately 24” x 16” x 2”. Four “chip foam” blocks can be used instead.

Yoga Strap – For CAT exercises, choose a strap that is 8-10 feet long and has a buckle that allows you to create a loop with the strap.

“By starting a movement from a state of relaxation (of the movement muscles), and then working the postural muscles, the stiff parts of the body recover freedom of movement. It’s not enough just to relax, it’s critical that you develop a new (movement) structure through strength and coordination.”

~ Gert van Leeuwen


CAT integrates custom-designed props, yoga-related exercises, and breath awareness to help you release tension and strain in your body. The practices shown in this course will focus on the spine, shoulders and hips. As you begin to release the tension in the muscles surrounding these areas, the benefits of improved movement in one area will extend outward to the rest of your body and beyond. Just as any small movement you make affects your entire body and mind, being able to move with fluid ease will have a ripple effect through your whole being.


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