Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide how we can help your journey in yoga, we have prepared the following list of FAQs

What makes Inspired Yoga Institute unique from other programs?

At Inspired Yoga Institute we pride ourselves in meeting our students in their training and helping them find their authentic style of teaching so that they can shine. We continue to be part of your yoga community well after you graduate from the program to provide a supportive network of like-minded seekers. Our faculty also continues to expand their learnings so that we have something current and relevant to offer.

What is the registration deadline?

Registration remains open as long as there is space in the program. Once registrations is full, we will announce it on our website and start a waitlist for the following year.

Do I have to apply to get in?

Yes and no!

If you wish to enrol in a weekend workshop, simply sign up online and follow the links to save your spot.

If you wish to take the initial 200 Hour Foundations Yoga Teacher Training with us, we recommend that you have six months of experience as a yoga student and that you register early to save your spot and to take advantage of our Early Bird tuition discounts! We also have an online registration form for you to complete so we can get to know each other.

If you are registering for our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, please complete our online registration form to make sure you have the prerequisite qualifications. This program is available to graduates of a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Once you have filled out the registration form and made your initial payment, we may also set up a time over email or the phone to discuss any questions you have and ensure that we are a great fit for each other.

How do I register?

Register by clicking on the payment button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to our online store. If you are registering for a certification program, please complete our online registration form so we can get to know you a bit better. If we haven’t met, we may also set up a time over email or the phone to discuss any questions you have and ensure that we are a great fit for each other.

How will the course content be delivered?
  • In-person seminars delivered by Alice and Nora
  • In-person seminars delivered by our expert faculty
  • Presentation slides
  • Print manuals
  • Online video content
  • Group work
  • Homework assignments
  • Reading materials
How can I reach you if I have questions about the content?

For questions about the content, you can email Alice and Nora. You can find our contact information here at the bottom of each page on our website.

We will have a private Facebook group where we will answer questions and support you throughout the training. This will be a safe place to ask questions. A vibrant group of your peers and teachers will be available to support you as you study the material.

How can I reach you if I have questions about tuition payments?

For questions about the tuition and administration, you can email Lise. You can find our contact information here at the bottom on each page on our website.

Is your program recognized by Yoga Alliance?

Yes! As a certified graduate of our program, you are welcome to apply to Yoga Alliance and be recognized as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level if you graduate from our 200 Hour Foundations Yoga Teacher Training. If you are already a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certification qualifies you to be recognized as a 500-hour registered teacher.

Are there Continuing Education Credits available from Yoga Alliance?

If you are a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, every three years you need 30 hours of Continuing Education credits to maintain your RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) status. Most of the programming at Inspired Yoga Institute qualifies as Continuing Education credits and we are always developing more programs!

If I need to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances, what is your refund policy?

Should you need to withdraw, please contact us and we will work out a tuition refund that reflects your payments less your deposit and what you have completed to date. You will be responsible for tuition to cover your attendance up to us receiving your notice to withdraw as well as any curriculum offered within one week of your withdrawal.

Are your courses tax deductible?

In short, yes! Inspired Yoga Institute is registered  with the federal government as a private education institute. Your tuition fees are tax deductible and you will be able to use your RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) to pay your tuition.

You will receive a T2202A certificate to claim a tuition tax credit. Enter the amount of your tuition in field 320 of Schedule 11 of your tax return. Don’t forget to put in your textbook amounts too!

You say that you offer ongoing support for graduates. What does that look like?

The support you receive will depend upon your needs. Your training directors, Alice and Nora, are available by phone, email and Skype, etc. to answer brief questions that arise for you and support you as you move forward in your teaching career. If you are looking for coaching support, you are welcome to book private mentoring sessions.

We also receive ongoing requests for recommendations from studios looking for great teachers. We call on our graduates to support us in our ongoing offerings. The closed Facebook group keeps going on after graduation so that you can continue to connect with your classmates and with your training directors.

What is the difference between the Foundations and Advanced Training ?

In our 200 Hour Foundations Yoga Teacher Training, we cover what we have found to be the most relevant content and skills needed to start your career as a yoga professional. In our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, we invite you to utilize the knowledge and skills you have gained through your 200-hour program and teaching experience to dive deeper into what it is you need so that you can authentically offer teachings that resonate with you and with your students.

Are there prerequisites to applying for the 200 Hour Foundations Yoga Teacher Training?

We encourage at least six months of yoga practice  and a desire to learn and grow on the yoga path.

Am I experienced enough to join the 300-hour Advanced program?

For this program, you will need to be a graduate of a 200-hour training program, either with Inspired Yoga Institute or another recognized 200-hour training course. We also ask that you have some teaching experience. Our intention is to help you grow and expand as a teacher and you will have a better understanding of your strengths and challenges if you have prior teaching experience.

How soon will I be teaching?

You will be teaching while you are studying with us! If you feel motivated to get out and teach immediately after your training, the world is your oyster.

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