Classical Yoga of Patanjali

A philosophy and discussion weekend


March 9-11, 2018

Fri 5-9PM • Sat 11-6PM • Sun 10-6PM

Location: Define Yoga, Calgary AB


As part of an oral tradition, the Sutras of Patanjali are intended to be studied in community. Sutras are “threads” of philosophy presented as short, terse statements. These threads reach back in time to when our ancient ancestors first began to meditate and explore the big questions of human existence. Patanjali’s sutras are designed to help you understand the experience of Samadhi, the bliss experienced when the mind is calm.
This foundational yoga text contains ancient wisdom that remains relevant in our modern times. Through the lens of personal inquiry, uncover and demystify some of the most potent teachings of yoga and how they can deepen your yoga practice.

Key Concepts

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras offer profound philosophy that will deepen your practice and inspire engagement in your life. We will explore the sutras through the lenses of Classical Yoga and Tantra Yoga.
With this workshop, you will not only gain a better understanding of what makes a yoga class more introspective and meaningful, you will also understand the depth of philosophy that exists within yoga.
This is a weekend full of self-discovery and insight. You will also learn:
• Who Patanjali is and how the Sutras are compiled
• The nature of the mind and how to harness its power
• Meditation tools and techniques
• The meaning of AUM or OM
• The five Kleshas or afflictions that keep us from experiencing inner peace
• The Ethics of Yoga: Yamas (restraints) and Niyamas (observances)

What Will You Gain From This Workshop

With this Classical Yoga of Patanjali workshop, you will gain the knowledge to confidently teach the ethics of yoga and provide deeper insight into your students’ practices. You will also accumulate:
• 18 classroom hours, including daily asana practic
• Course notes
• Continued Education (CE) credits with Yoga Alliance
• Knowledge of central concepts of Patanjali’s Sutras
• Enquiry and insight into your personal journey
• A community of like-minded seekers to share your path with
• Access to a shared drive with literature and multimedia for further studies

Course Information

Location: Define Yoga, Calgary, 1221B Kensington Road NW
Dates: March 9-11, 2018
Faculty: Nora Maskey, Erin Macaig
Class Times: Friday 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm & Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Payment: $390 per weekend or all 5 weekends for $1799 (Save $151)
*This program is a part of our 200HR Yoga Teacher Training and can be taken on its own or towards a certification.

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